RD Levels*

What are RD Levels?

RD Levels stand for “Road Dawg Levels”, which consist of creating companions and building a name for yourself.  This will also allow companions to gain a level of trust, as we all participate in events, socialize, and enjoy outings and great entertainment.

As you continue to build your reputation and companionship, your RD Level will increase.  Others will recognize you by your RD Level based on positive recommendations, goodness and reliability.

Lets all get out there and have fun, participate in activities, and explore the world! 

Feel free to read the Levels we’ve provided by description…

~~~Starter Dawgz~~~

Getting into the concept of introducing and making a name for yourself. Don’t be ashamed taking puppy steps! Remember, you have to bark before you stroll.

(Don’t feel bad, everybody starts here)

~~~Minor Dawgz~~~

Getting away from “Beginners Quarrel”, where you begin to understand how to find others and build your reputation.  Feels good to go out and explore with others, doesn’t it?

(30 Companions needed)*

~~~Power Dawgz~~~

Oooh, someone likes having others around them!  Finding a list of activities others could partake with you, makes your compatibility increase with easiness.  Gain some soul-searching and make it worth your while!

(80 Companions Needed)*

~~~Super Dawgz~~~

Starting to have a strong arch of building blocks, eh?  Finding a vast level of interests seems to be… well, not just natural!

(200 Companions Needed)*

~~~Alpha Dawgz~~~

Ahhh, the level of being involved and building the “fun” factor.  Others are really into your liking and becoming of a “finder’s” circle.  Nothing like “frattin’ ” around the house and marking territories!

(400 Companions Needed)*

~~~Master Dawgz~~~

You were taught, partook in other’s gatherings, gained extensive trust and now, look at you!  You’ve become a learning tool and a teacher of chemistry (well, I hoped you at least liked taking the class.)

(600 Companions Needed)*

~~~Omega Dawgz~~~

Strolling amongst who attend to your fulfillment of adventures and company.  The end of the “honeymoon” phase shall not deteriorate.  Thus, this should allow the evolution of companionship to be forever lasting!

(800 Companions Needed)*

~~~Ultimate Dawgz~~~

To be the ultimate, comes great friendship.  You’re highly reliable, active, and appreciated.  Endless possibilities of companionship are at the pinnacle of greatness!  You’ve earned this high level of respect and deserve every minute of achievement.

(2,000 Companions Needed)*